two weeks

Well we are 2 weeks away from departure! We just booked our tickets a few days ago. We will leave from Raleigh on March 29th, go to Toronto then Zurich, Switzerland then finally arrive in Copenhagen, Denmark!
I think the total travel time is around 14-15 hours. yikes.
Seth and Pearl got their passports in the mail yesterday (finally) and I have already had mine for a few years. Pearl’s picture is adorable with her big ponytail and bright pink shirt…and Seth’s picture looks like a mugshot, as most of his pictures do.


party time!

Last weekend we had a party at our house to say goodbye to some friends until we got back. There were lots of laughs, good basketball on tv (go Duke) and too many drinks!

Since we will be just arriving in Copenhagen the day before Easter, I have been picking up some Easter goodies for Pearl (and a few for Seth) to give her when we get there. She has several beautiful dresses she could wear, but I’m sure we will be so tired we will all be in our jammies.
I’m gettin so excited about some weekend trips to travel all over Europe. Since Sweden is just about 10 mins from our Apartment I’m sure we will be spening a lot of time there. And I’m planning a really great trip to Germany, but I’m not sure where exactly. I am super interested in the Holocaust and all things related, so I’m hoping we can visit a concentration camp or some sort of memorial. Also my family on my mom’s side is from Germany so I’m hoping to do a little research and get some info on the family tree. Which should be very interesting. I can’t waaaaiiit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


map of Denmark


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