We’re here!!!!!



We finally arrived in Copenhagen!  Whew!  The travel here was less than fun. Going from airport to airport, plane to plane, country to country was so exhausting. I could NOT sleep on the planes, Seth slept a tiny bit…and Pearl slept for maybe 3 hours off and on. When we finally got to our apartment in Copenhagen we had been up for over 30 hours, including Pearl (minus the 3) so we were zombie-like with exhaustion but giddy to finally be here!

Pearlie-bug sleeping in the plane from Toronto to Zurich

Pearlie-bug sleeping in the plane from Toronto to Zurich

When I woke up this morning I felt a bit homesick. By nature I’m not too big on change, so I knew it would take a bit to get adjusted. Once I was done unpacking our clothes, getting Pearl a toy/play area, cleaning up, and rearranging the living room I was starting to feel better.
We ventured out a bit today. It’s so beautiful here so we just picked a direction and started walking. We found a really nice park with lots of children playing, so we let Pearl run around a bit.  It is very cold here and there is snow on the ground so almost all of the other children were wearing snowsuits.

playing at the local park

playing at the local park

On our walk back we stopped by a wonderful bakery that was surprisingly cheap(er than expected).  We got a small baguette and some kind of dessert that I thought was a brownie but soon found out that it’s a mousse cake?!

So far we are loving our new life here!

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5 thoughts on “We’re here!!!!!

  1. Kathryn Trolenberg

    Have fun!

  2. Thank you for posting this blog. We’re excited to share your adventure.

  3. Renee

    sounds like an exciting adventure for your family… thanks for the update! missed you today!

  4. Shawnie

    Am I allowed to already miss you? xo

  5. Beverly

    Still can’t believe your so far away and in such an awesome place! So excited for your family adventures and all the awesomeness in between! Have fun!

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