Easter in Copenhagen

Easter is one of my absolute favorite holidays!  I love getting dressed up and going to church. The music is always extra special and the meaning of the day just brings such humility to me. After church our family always has a big get together at my Aunt Kat’s house with a big lunch and egg hunt with all my cute little cousins. I really missed that this year. like really!
This year was much different.  I woke up after about 12 hours of sleep. I got a shower and made a cup of coffee in our french press. We have a big deck here so I enjoyed my coffee out there. I made sure to have my camera with me to snap a few pictures before people started to crowd the streets and courtyard by our apartment.
I soon heard Seth and Pearl waking up. While they were getting showered and dressed I had to do my part as the Easter bunny and set out the goodies.

Pearl's goodies

Pearl’s goodies

Seth's goodies

Seth’s goodies

Pearl enjoyed all of her new goodies. And of course we enjoyed watching her enjoy them.

love this kid

love this kid

Back home Pearl had about 10 different Easter dresses to pick from, but they were all too fancy and not right for the cold weather here. So I brought a really cute outfit that is warm AND pink!  She looked adorable, per usual.

leopard print

leopard print

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2 thoughts on “Easter in Copenhagen

  1. She is adorable!! What a beautiful place!

  2. Jraynor

    Oh my heavens!!! I love just how cute Pearl looks with her bunny ears and in her Easter outfit. Your blog is great and so much fun to read. It is amazing how you packed goodies for Easter. It looks like Pearl will be groovin’ to some music with her maracas. I did not realize until these pictures just how close to the water you guys are. You look ( at least your arm ) very European having your French press coffee on the balcony. We had a fun Easter at David’s and Catherine’s with her family. The Shearman’s had a good Easter at Charlie’s sister’s house. Did you guys get rested up after the long, long, long flight? I am anxious to hear how Seth’s first day at work is going and what time he has to get up to get there and what you girls have been up to this Easter Monday. Thanks so very much for sending us the blogs. Hugs and kisses to all of you.

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