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Seth had his first day of work yesterday. He has about an hour long train ride to and from work.  So while he was gone me and Pearl went out and about. Enjoying this beautiful city!  We went to the market, the playground, and took a very long walk.  When Seth got home and told me all about his day, he said “lets go out tonight”.  So we got bundled up and started walking.  We ended up eating at a wonderful Chinese restaurant called Hong Fu.  When we sat down they brought us rice cakes and orange juice with sugar on the rim of the glasses. It was very good but quite odd.  Seth ordered some sort of spicy fish with vegetables and rice, and I ordered noodles with vegetables. We both got water to drink.  We couldn’t get over how delicious our food was. My noodles especially were so fresh and non-greasy. Much different that the typical Chinese food we’re used to back home.
When we got our bill we saw that they had charged us 20 kroner (about $3.50) for the ice water. Apparently it’s very common to get charged for water here.
Even though we are here for Seth’s work, it is a vacation for me. I have so much free time and so little responsibilities here, which I’m not used to.   Back home I am a nanny for a sweet little girl named Katia.  I usually watch her 3 days a week. She and Pearl play together and keep each other entertained. Katia’s mom is kind enough to save my job for me when we return.  YAH!
We have someone to come clean our apartment, so I don’t have to worry about the deep cleaning. I just sweep and wipe down the counters.
Our dear friend Bethany is watching our animals at home, so I don’t even have to take Quincy out for pee-breaks, or feed the cats.
Seth gets lunch provided for him at his work, so I don’t even have to hassle with making his lunch.  He said that the food they give him is amazing. Yesterday they had homemade lasagna, tuna salad, chicken salad, fresh fruit, and freshly ground coffee.
I think I can get used to this vacation life with no responsibilities or schedule.

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2 thoughts on “no responsibilities

  1. Jraynor

    Oh my Heavens, this sounds too good to be true- cleaning and lunches provided and parks near by. It sounds like the food is fresher and healthier there. Has Seth found that his work is just the same and comfortable for him? What time does he have to get up and leave for work and what time does he get home? He probably gets to see some great sights from the train. Is there still snow on the ground and what does Pearl think of it? I know this email has lot of questions, but I am curious to know. You really give a lot of wonderful details— once again THANKS. xoxoxo

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  2. Amy,
    I think I would send for my clothes and stay there 🙂 I’m so envious. Enjoy every minute! How wonderful for you and Amy to spend all that time together! And it sounds as though Seth is quite happy as well. Yay!

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