today in Copenhagen

First things first, NO kids dress cute here, like none.  I understand that it’s cold, so most of them are wearing snowsuits…but you can’t even tell if it’s a little boy or little girl.  Pearl could teach a class on how to be an adorable child. Especially today she was so cute. She wore a cardigan, skirt, leggings, and pigtails!  But don’t worry guys, when we got out she is bundled up in cute hat, cute gloves, and cute coat.

Pearl's cuteness was off the charts today

Pearl’s cuteness was off the charts today

Today  we went on an adventure. We had to get me a train pass.  Seth has to take the train every day for work, so he knows how it all works. I just get confused with all the different trains and stops and languages and such.  I prefer to walk, but you can’t get very far in this city by foot.

heading downtown

heading downtown

We headed towards downtown Copenhagen because we wanted  to go to Tivoli Garden, which is an amusement park. Unfortunately they aren’t open yet, they open on the 11th.  We’ll try back next week.  So since there went our plans, we just started walking around.  We stumbled upon the National Denmark Museum, which was great.

how grand!

how grand!

Pearl and an elk?

Pearl and an elk?


We could have spent all day there but we were all getting hungry, especially Pearl. We walked around the block until we found a restaurant that looked good.  We ended up getting really great Pakistani food.  Seth got curried beef with rice, and I got spinach with naan. I split mine with Pearl, as always. Here you don’t tip at restaurants, so you get bad service….but the food is awesome so it works out.






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One thought on “today in Copenhagen

  1. Mike Raynor

    Amy, this is really great to hear and read! You guys are doing it right, out & around & taking it all in- that’s excellent! That little girl may well break the Denmark Cute-Meter.

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