Pearl has been playing this game called “wake up at 5:30am then be grumpy the rest of the day”. It’s not a fun game and everyone loses.  Pearl is almost always happy and very easy going, but she has been a bit fussy since we have been here. I know she is dealing with a lot, missing her room and toys and not seeing grandparents and friends. So we have been very patient with her. At all of our outings she is just along for the ride, being a cute kid in her stroller. So I wanted to take her somewhere where she can run around and see other children and play as much as she wants to.
A few days ago someone told me about an indoor playground, Remisen,  in Copenhagen that is FREE!  I am game for any free activity, especially if it entertains Pearl. On Tuesday and Thursday morning they only allow children up to 3 years old, perfect for us! So yesterday morning we headed out the door to check it out!
When we got off the train we were looking around for the building, then I spotted about 50 strollers outside and figured that has to be it!  Everyone leaves their stroller and/or bike outside of any store or restaurant. There is very little crime here so no one locks anything or has fear of it being stolen.
Inside Remisen was very nice, at first glance. They had lots of toys, balls, slides, blocks, swings, and weird structures to climb/crawl on. The more we walked around and let Pearl play with all the fun things, the more I realized that this place was basically a deathtrap.  There were SO many dangerous things!  First off, the swings. They were hanging kind of in the middle of the room. So every time you would swing it, it came close to hitting all the surrounding children.  The  structures to climb/crawl on scared me the most. One side of it was against the wall, but the other side was just a 4 foot drop…onto concrete floor. No railing or anything.  Thankfully Pearl was too small for the slide, because it was just a metal piping jungle gym that you have to climb across and hopefully not fall to your death as you are making your way to the slide.
Pearl enjoyed everything. She played great and ran around, but I was having a bit of anxiety, so after about an hour we left.

everyone enjoys a hammock

everyone enjoys a hammock

We stopped on the way home to get a sandwich. On every corner there are great delis, sandwich, and pizza shops. Most of them say “take away” on the window, which means there is no seating inside.
We finally found one that had a few seats inside.  I got a veggie sandwich, which was good but didn’t have much flavor.  I was kinda disappointed. Seth got a smoked salmon sandwich that was out of this world delicious. I was kinda jealous.

sandwich time

sandwich time

We wanted to make a stop by Ben and Jerry’s because it was Free Cone Day, but it was Pearl’s naptime and she was letting us know it.
After we got home, me and Pearl laid on the couch and watched some cartoons while Seth took a nap. It was a pretty good day. Very easy going.

Today Seth is at work, so I didn’t really have many plans for me and P. I had to go to the grocery store, and we passed a thrift store on the way.  They had so many cute things, but if it’s from a thrift store, I probably won’t pay more than $2 for it. I let Pearl pick out a toy or book, and she picked out an old tennis ball. For some reason she loved that thing. We got to the register and the lady said it was only 1 kroner, which is about 20 cents in US money. I love Pearl for picking the cheapest thing and being happy with it. Makes me proud.

P bouncing her new ball

P bouncing her new ball

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One thought on “Remisen

  1. Renee

    Pearl looks so cute…. glad to see you guys having some great fun family moments

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