wonderful day

bundled up waiting for the train

bundled up waiting for the train

Today I got together with my new friend Marisol. She has been living in Denmark for years, so she knows all the cool places to go. I am terrible with directions so she suggested meeting at a coffee shop that is very close to the train station. We met at Dolore’s coffee shop at 11.
We enjoyed our coffee and getting out of the rain and snow that we had today. When we finished sipping our coffee, she showed me some really neat markets.  There were these 2 large glass buildings that have all different vendors inside, only specialty things were sold. You could buy really nice fish, spices, bread, oils, and cheese.
Everything was out on display and looked SO nice. I will definitely be going back to do some specialty shopping.
I told Marisol that I had been having trouble finding some black beans. For some reason the ONLY beans they sell here are red kidney beans, which are nice….but I’m wanting to make some chili and want lots of different kinds of beans. After looking at several different markets, we finally found some!  YAH!
We went to the post office also, because I was wanting to buy some stamps and postcards. I found out that for ONE stamp it’s about $3 U.S. dollars.  That is insane! I was really disappointed because I was hoping to send some postcards to family back home. Guess I’ll stick with sending emails, sorry family.
We were getting hungry and Marisol told me about a great rooftop restaurant with a view of Copenhagen.
I ordered smorrebrod, the traditional Danish lunch. It was sooo good.



Today was especially cold. All day was a mixture of snow and rain, combined with very strong wind. It was nearly impossibly to stay outside for too long, so we opted out of sitting on the rooftop part of the restaurants. However, I did go outside to get some pictures of the view!
DSC_0028 (2)
DSC_0019 (2)

After lunch, we decided to call it a day. My legs/feet are so sore from all this walking. It didn’t help that the elevators were broken at the train station so I had to carry Pearl and her stroller up and down a ton of stairs.
Pearl was pooped by the time we got home.

enjoying her blankie and cartoons

enjoying her blankie and cartoons

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One thought on “wonderful day

  1. Mike Raynor

    Spectacular- wish I was there with you (& my camera!). You’re doing a great job with the blog and pictures- we love it.


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