Kronborg Castle

We got to spend some good family time together this weekend. YAH!
Friday Seth was supposed to be off, but he went in for a few hours to get some overtime. What a hard worker.
That morning before he left he told me to pick where we were gonna get dinner that night.  So I spend some time that day researching some good restaurants.  I was in the mood for a good burger, so I picked out a few choices and let Seth make the final decision when he got home. We decided on Halifax Burger. Seth had heard good things and it’s not far from us. Plus everything they serve is homemade.
We got dressed up, by dressed up I mean we were wearing not-torn jeans, and headed out for dinner!
After looking at the menu we were ready to order. I ordered a vegan burger with jalapenos and avocado, with a side of mashed potatoes.

my vegan burger

my vegan burger

Seth ordered a Zurich burger with a side of potato wedges. His was crazy looking, it had a big round hashbrown as the bun top.

Seth's burger

Seth’s burger

We both were raving about how good the food was.
Pearl had a little bit of everything.

Pearl's mixture mess

Pearl’s mixture mess

By the time we got home we were all in food comas. Pearl headed off to bed and me and Seth watched Youth in Revolt on tv. It was surprisingly funny.


Saturday morning we were just lazy around the house. Around 11 or so we decided to get our day started. Seth had been wanting to visit Kronborg Castle in Elsinore, Denmark.
We hopped on the train and thought it was going to take us about one hour to get there. It ended up taking us 2.5 hours to get there. Not a good start on our adventure.  We finally got to the castle, and realized that they were closing in about 40 minutes.
**insert frustration here**
We decided to make the most of the 40 mins since we had traveled so far. As we were entering the castle we saw swans in the moat outside, it was so cute.
Fun Fact:::  In William Shakespeare’s play Hamlet, he has Kronborg as Hamlet’s castle.
We first went to the courtyard, which was beautiful, then the castle chapel and the dungeon.
The chapel was very small but really ornate with lots of carvings and gold on everything.



I suggested to Seth that we renew our vows. He responded with a quick “NO”.

The dungeon was cold and creepy. We both said it would be a great haunted house.


In the dungeon there was a statue of Holger Danske. He is some legend that will wake up if Denmark is ever in need of help.
I don’t really understand the legend. To me his shield looks like one of those peanut butter cookies you put a hersheys kiss on.

We were all getting hungry so we stopped by a local mediterranean cafe and got some stuffed pitas for our train ride home.
I was kind of freaking out because at 6pm we had a facetime date with Seth’s older brother David and his wife Catherine.  I knew we weren’t going to make it home in time .   When we finally got home we hopped on facetime. David and Catherine shared some wonderful news, they are expecting a baby!!!!
We were/are/will forever be SOO excited!!!    This will make me an aunt x6
The more the merrier.

This morning we went to church. It was Seth’s first time going to this church  and only my second time. We both really enjoyed it. Pearl enjoyed the nursery too, which makes me feel much better about leaving her in there.
After church we had coffee and fellowship time. This might be my favorite part. This church is so diverse. Seth was talking to a guy from China and a guy from Switzerland, while I was talking to a lady from Prague.
Two of the ladies from the church offered up some toys and snowsuits for Pearl to borrow while we are here. We all exchanged emails and are hoping to have a playdate with our children sometime soon.

All week we have been looking forward to having tacos, I found all the ingredients at the local market and couldn’t wait to make them.  So tonight I made them……and they were a total bust.  The mexican seasoning I bought from the store was totally not mexican tasting. It was almost sweet. Of course I noticed after I put it on everything. The salsa I bought was sweet too. Apparently Denmark is not big into mexican food.  This is definitely something I miss about America.
However, I will say that one of the best things about being in Europe is Downton Abbey is on just about everyday. Can’t beat that.

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One thought on “Kronborg Castle

  1. Mike Raynor

    So cool- I love how you all are interacting with the locals, especially Pearl in the church nursery.

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