Vesterbro swimming pool

The other night when I used our apartment pool they gave me a swimcap. Pearl keeps wanting me to put it on her. I have to say, she looks pretty cute.
DSC_0001 (3)DSC_0003 (3)

I really wish our apartment would let babies swim in their pool, because me and P would be going there everyday!
Thankfully there are some public pools not too far from us. This morning me and Pearl went to the Vesterbro swimming pool!
We took the train there and I’m so glad we didn’t get lost. The whole train system confuses me.
Pearl looked so cute in her bathing suit. She was crying because she couldn’t pull it up to show me her bellybutton.

trying to show her bellybutton

trying to show her bellybutton

DSC_0011 (2)
DSC_0010 (2)
Before you get in the pool you HAVE to take a shower….it’s a rule.
They had a ton of pool toys to play with.  I loved swimming and Pearl enjoyed splashing around and playing.
The water was a bit chilly so we didn’t stay too long, but it was a nice mother-daughter outing!
When we got home, we both just chilled out. Something about swimming makes me want to cuddle with a blanket and take a nap.
I made Pearl some noodles with vegetables for dinner. She loved it, but made a mess…..of course. She needed a bath anyways.

This last picture is my favorite. I love those chubby cheeks and that smile!

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3 thoughts on “Vesterbro swimming pool

  1. Mitch Pearl

    These are just so darn cute. Mom and I really enjoyed talking with you this morning. I love getting your blog and pics, its the next best thing to being there. Keep em coming, it sure makes my day. Love you! Dad

  2. Loved the pictures!! She has your dimples and I LOVE THEM!!! I love the last shot also….

  3. Jraynor

    Oh what wonderful and funny pictures. I love them especially the one with her tongue sticking out. I just want to reach out and hug her. She is growing daily!!!!! I am impressed that you are going on the trains. I find them very difficult. It is great that you found a pool near you. Swimming with a little one is always so much fun. When can we face time with all of you? Love to all

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