We have been laying low the past few days.  Nothing too exciting going on.
Every day me and Pearl have been going on a LONG walk all around town. Roaming the streets, browsing the shops, chasing pigeons……the usual stuff.
We have been collecting cans too!  If you see a can/bottle that says “Pant” on it, you can turn it in and get money.  Pant A is worth 1 kroner, Pant B is 1.5 kroner, and Pant C is 3 kroner. One kroner is about 18 cents (U.S. money). So if you find a Pant C bottle (the jackpot) you can get over $.50!   It’s like a game for us, me and Seth are both a little addicted.  When we’re walking around we are always looking, trying to spot a bottle then we get a rush when we find one.  There is litter EVERYWHERE here, so it is easy to find several cans/bottles on each walk.   Yesterday we turned in some bottles that we had found and got 33 kroner, which is almost $6.  It’s not much, but things are pretty expensive here so every little bit helps.

Yesterday we went to a little Italian delicatessen and got some lunch to go.  We pass by this place nearly every day and Seth suggested we try it out.  Man was is good.  Seth got a calzone  and I got a pizza.

Seth's calzone

Seth’s calzone

my amazing pizza

my amazing pizza

They were both SERIOUSLY good, but my pizza was better. It was actually the best pizza I have ever had. For real, it was incredible.
Sundays are usually chore day. Time to catch up on laundry and do grocery shopping. Two things I hate. Back home I really enjoy grocery shopping. It gets me excited and inspired for the things I’m going to cook for my family that week.  Here it’s just another chore, since I have to CARRY the groceries all the way back home in a suitcase and/or backpack.  I dread it.

This coming week we are going to go to Sweden, which is exciting. It’s only a short train/ferry ride away. We’ll make a whole day of it.
Also…..last night we booked our first weekend away trip—-to PRAGUE!
We have heard such wonderful things about Prague. Everyone says it’s really beautiful. We’ll go for a long weekend near the end of May.

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