The Little Mermaid

This morning started off a bit rough. I have been emailing back and forth with a lady on Danish craigslist about a toy I was hoping to buy from her for Pearl.  We had planned on me going to her house on (today)Wednesday morning at 10am.  I had to take 2 different trains and a long walk to get to her house. When I finally got there she informed me that she had already sold it.
I was super upset!  I kind of wanted to punch that lady in the face.  Instead I just said lots of bad things in my head on the way back to the train station.
Ok, time to calm down Amy.

Seth is off of work today so when I got home from my disappointing errand we got ready for our family day.  At first we couldn’t figure out where to go but we decided to go by the Oresund Sound. It’s a beautiful body of water that connects Denmark and Sweden.
We walked on the docks and looked at all the boats/yachts. It was really nice and relaxing.  Pearl ALWAYS enjoys seeing the “WATER!”
DSC_0010 (3)
DSC_0022 (3)
DSC_0013 (2)
DSC_0009 (2)

One of the #1 attractions in Copenhagen is this statue called “The Little Mermaid”.
We were right by it today, so we took a look.
There were SO many people by it, taking pictures and just staring.
Both me and Seth were not impressed. I mean….it’s just a statue…of a lady…….in the water.  I guess I just don’t get what all the hype is about.   We took pictures anyway.
DSC_0004 (3)DSC_0001 (5)

After being blown away from the wonder of the mermaid, we got some lunch.
There was a cute little cafe with outdoor seating and a lovely view of the water.
Seth got a burger and fries, and I got smoked mackerel salad.   We got charged for our water too, which is normal here but very annoying.
I took this pretty picture on our walk back home.
DSC_0028 (3)

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