Yesterday we went to Malmo, Sweden. The Oresund bridge goes over the Oresund sound and connects Denmark and Sweden. It’s only a 30 min train ride away!

Oresund bridge

Oresund bridge

The weather was nice, very windy but nice.
The first thing we did was go to Kungsparken (King’s park), which was really beautiful. It had large fields with gardens, fountains, old trees, weird statues, and creeks with a ton of geese/ducks waddling around.




Pearl could have chased the geese ALL DAY!
She thought it was so funny.  She definitely liked chasing them more than they enjoyed being chased by her.



In the distance we could see the Kronetorp windmill, which is a major attraction in Malmo. We walked closer to get some pictures. It was gorgeous.

We saw some kids that got their kite stuck in a tree. We would have helped, but it was really up there.

After leaving the park, we were headed to lunch. We ate at Lotus, a Thai and sushi place. Um, it was terrible. The kind of terrible that just thinking about it makes me upset that we had to pay for such disgusting “food”.  What a waste.

After our less than satisfying lunch, we headed to “the pedestrian street”.  Which is just lots of streets filled with all kinds of shops and restaurants.
All of the architecture was so lovely.




and this guy

and this guy

We went into a store called “the English shop”. It had all kinds of English food that you would NEVER find in any Danish/Swedish grocery store.   It was nice to see familiar brands and products, but the prices were SOOO insane expensive we didn’t buy anything.
Duncan Hines cake mix:  more than $12
small box of jello mix: $5
jar of peanut butter: $7.50
bottle of A1 steak sauce:  nearly $23

149 krona = $22.81

149 krona = $22.81

These prices are straight up cray-cray.

We weren’t too far from the beach, so decided to head over there.  Right before getting there we passed by a dog park. Pearl is totally obsessed with dogs (like her mom) so she was having a ball chasing the dogs around/dogs chasing her around.

Finally at the beach!
DSC_0107 DSC_0100

It was too cold for a swim, obviously, but it was nice to see sand, seashells, seaweed, and smell the salty water. Good enough for me.

goodbye Malmo!

goodbye Malmo!



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