calm Sunday

There is always a calm and peace on Sunday,  everything is light and lazy. It’s my favorite day of the week.

This morning Pearl slept in until 7am, yes that is sleeping in for her, already off to a good start.
Church starts at 10:30am so we had lots of playtime this morning.
I had to make something for a potluck luncheon after church today. I wanted to make something very American. I decided on macaroni and cheese, which they do NOT have in Denmark.
I’m glad that I made a big batch of it, because it was gone in a flash!
As soon as me and Pearl got our seats at the luncheon a lady told me, “you have to get some food, they even have American macaroni and cheese!”
I was thinking to myself: nailed it
I didn’t really think it tasted that good because the cheddar cheese here is not what I’m used to, it doesn’t seem to have much flavor. I’m glad other people liked it though.
My friend Marisol made an awesome cake. Me and Pearl split a piece and she wrapped up a piece for me to take home to Seth =)
Our church is made up of so many different nationalities, and they were all represented at the potluck.
Pearl met a little girl named Diane at the luncheon. They chased each other ALL over the place. So cute. I love to see her having fun and laughing.  I ended up speaking with Diane’s mother who was from South Carolina!  What-up southern girl!

On our walk back home from church we passed by a yard sale.  These 2 girls were selling a ton of clothes!  Most of it was cute, some not so much. I did find a pair of cute boots that fit me just right. She was asking 25 kroner for them (about $4.40).  At yard sales and thrift stores I don’t usually buy anything unless it’s $1 or less. I told her that I only had 18 kroner ($3.17). She accepted my offer. Score!

When we got home it was naptime for Pearl. I had to catch up on some emails and clean up a bit, then I joined in on the nap fun.
After naptime we had snacks, then off to the park. It has been SO nice out lately. Both yesterday and today we have been in short sleeves, Pearl even wore shorts today.

Sunday is usually when I try to facetime with mine/Seth’s parents. I got to talk to my dad for a bit tonight, which was nice.  I even got to skype with my friend Shawnie.  Catching up and laughing with a best friend is so good for the soul.

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