Poor little P

On Saturday morning around 6:20 when Pearl woke up I noticed that she was very hot. I checked her temperature, it was 103.  We gave her some tylenol and put her back in bed. She woke up with no fever and seemed to be feeling ok.
My friend Jen and her husband Yohann invited us over for lunch that day at 1pm.
We all got ready and started walking over.
It was Jen’s 30th birthday so we were all there to celebrate!

Yohann, Jen, and Hana

Yohann, Jen, and Hana

Yohann made lunch, it was SOOO GOOD!
We had raw tuna steaks, fish biscuits, fish salad.

our lunch

our lunch

Lots of fish, very Danish!  We finished off the meal with incredible carrot cake!

We were so happy to be getting together with friends over here, since it’s usually just us…..all the time.
We noticed that Pearl was a little less active than usual, but figured maybe she was just tired. When we  got home we took her temperature again it was 102.8.  That’s a little too high for my comfort.
Seth and I had planned a great date night and his coworker Versie was going to watch Pearl for us.
We went ahead and canceled those plans.  Didn’t feel right leaving Pearl with a sitter when she isn’t feeling her best.
We kept an eye on Pearl for the rest of the afternoon and evening.  She seemed to be acting fine: happy and playful.
It was nearing bedtime so we gave her some more tylenol and tucked her in. A few hours later I checked in on her and noticed she was very hot. I checked her temp again and it was 103.5
Me and Seth debated whether or not to take her to the Dr’s or wait it out. We ended up taking her to the hospital (our only option at 10:30pm).
The Danish hospital experience was definitely not up to my standards.
I quickly noticed about 10+ health code violations, according to US.
The windows were open, our nurse was wearing flip flops, and they all questioned why we brought our daughter in when “she looks fine.”
We had to wait for I don’t even know how long until our “nurse” came in did nothing checked Pearl.



playing...and still waiting

playing…and still waiting

FINALLY then Dr came in to see Pearl.  I wouldn’t say I was impressed with this Dr, but at least she was wearing closed toed shoes.
She examined Pearl and saw that her tonsils were inflamed and had white spots on them. Poor little P.
She gave Pearl some antibiotics and said keep and eye on her fever.
After we heard that news me and Seth were glad we decided to take her in that night.
We got bundled up and caught our bus.  We got home around 3am.  Ouch.

I was hoping Pearl would sleep for like 15 hours since we had such a late/eventful night. But in classic Pearl form, she was up at 6:30am.  Nothing stops this child.
So there went our mothers day plans.
Isn’t that sort of what being a mother is all about though?  Sacrificing your plans so you can stay home and wipe a snotty nose.
We had hoped to enjoy a day filled with a boat tour through the canals, a Danish cuisine, and maybe a walk in the park.
Instead we woke up early, walked to the pharmacy for Pearls medicine, and came back home.
Seth went out and got some pizza for dinner, which was nice. Even the cheap take-out pizza here is leaps and bounds better than any pizza in the US.    Just the way it is.

Pearl seems to be feeling a bit better now.  She is still a bit fussier than usual. I can tell she is in pain when she coughs, but hopefully not much more of that.

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One thought on “Poor little P

  1. Pearl

    They have women doctors??!! What?! That could never happen in America.

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