We’re in PRAGUE!

We’re here!!!!!
We’re finally in Prague!  We got here around 11:30am, but couldn’t check into our hotel until 2pm.  So we got some lunch and walked around.
It is SOO beautiful here. All of the buildings have the most ornate architecture and sculptures. Everywhere we looked we had our breath taken away.
Here is a beautiful church not far from our hotel.

pretty church

pretty church

and some other pretty building

sculptures everywhere

sculptures everywhere

When we finally checked into our hotel we were all exhausted and just laid around for about 2 hours.
When we got enough energy to go out again, it was getting close to dinner time.  On our way in we saw an authentic Czech restaurant that we wanted to go to. It was really really good.

Seth got some beef goulash, I got salmon and spinach pasta, and we got Pearl some cabbage soup.

Seth's goulash

Seth’s goulash

my pasta

my pasta

Pearlie eating her soup

Pearlie eating her soup

Everything was SO GOOD, but really Pearl’s soup was the best!
Me and Seth even got drinks!

i deserve that second glass of wine

i deserve that second glass of wine

We got 4 drinks (total), 2 entrees, and a bowl of soup…..and the total was only $27!
It is so cheap here!!!  We are loving it because we are used to everything in Denmark being so expensive!

Our hotel is nice, not like 5 star or anything but it’s nice. It’s clean and our room is spacious. It’s in the perfect location. We are right in the heart of Prague!  We can hear the hustle and bustle of the city right outside our window.
The elevator here is hilarious. It’s one of those REALLY old timey ones that you have to open the door yourself. It’s very small. It can only fit Seth and the stroller, so me and Pearl take the stairs. Which is fun for Pearl and exercise for me.

We have lots of plans for the next few days.   SeaWorld, visit a castle, and maybe the Jewish cemetery.






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