busy days

We are in the home stretch now, only about 3 weeks until we are back in Raleigh.   We have one trip next week, to Poland, then a trip the week after that, to Austria and Germany. On top of our trips we will be seeing the last bit of Denmark, saying farewell to our friends here, and packing up.
Although we have loved it here, we are ready to come home.

Here is a little bit of what has been keeping us busy lately.

On Monday (6/3/13) we went to Frederiksborg Palace in Hillerod, which is the town where Seth works.













we were roaring with the lion

we were roaring with the lion

Princess Pearl at her palace

Princess Pearl at her palace

The gardens/grounds were so pretty. We walked all around, it helped that the weather was perfect too.
On our way back home we stopped at a Mediterranean restaurant and got some dinner. I’m not sure what it was, but Pearl had an allergic reaction to something. She was getting red splotches all around her mouth.

Thankfully it wasn’t anything major. We gave her some benadryl when we got home.

Tuesday (6/4/13)  We went to Assistens cemetery. Sounds kind of creepy for a family outing but really it’s just a beautiful park that happens to have a bunch of Danes buried there.


Pearl, cute as ever

Pearl, cute as ever



Hans Christian Anderson

Hans Christian Anderson

Seth got a new coworker, Pete, who just moved here from Boston with his dog Benjamin Franklin.  Seth told him that me and Pearl love dogs and would gladly watch him on the days he works….so we have been.

He’s a mixture of really cute and kind of ugly. He’s great company though.
Me and Pearl have been taking him on walks and to the park.

Today (6/5/13) me and Pearl had SUCH a great day together!
She slept in until after 7am—which is amazing for her.
We woke up, ate breakfast, read all of her books at least twice, watched cartoons, and started making some soup for later in the day.
Both me and Pearl love soup, so yesterday I bought all the ingredients to make a great vegetable soup for us.
I’ve been trying to eat a bit healthier lately (haven’t we all?) and the soup is super healthy, filling, and pretty delish.

After Seth left for work this morning me and Pearl took a nice long nap together. I don’t know why, but on the days that Seth is home Pearl will-not-nap. She refuses. It’s just not going to happen. But on the days that he’s gone at work, she’ll take a 2 hour nap.
After nap time we got dressed and were headed out the door to go to the Post and Tele Museum.  Yes it’s a museum about mail and phones.
So we’re walking to the museum and then as we’re passing a courtyard/city square area we see  kids playing in a fountain.
There were so many children, they just stripped down to their undies and enjoyed the water. So I thought I would let Pearl join in on the fun.


Pearl ran around in her EXTREMELY filled diaper, splashing in the water and loving life.
It was the perfect vision of childhood.

As I’m watching her enjoy this summer day, I’m thinking to myself—I don’t think I packed an extra diaper. Oh crap.
So I let Pearl play and enjoy for as long as she wanted then had to do a make-shift diaper out of a sweat shirt that was in the stroller from the day before.
Ya do what ya gotta do.
–Now we’re really off the to museum.
Pearl loved it. It was very child friendly, especially for my child who loves phones.

We didn’t stay for too long because Pearl put her makeshift diaper to use. We’re planning a trip back though, to the fountain AND museum!

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