the beach and children’s festival

We had such a great family weekend!
Saturday morning I made crepes for the family. They were a lot harder to make than pancakes, but more delicious!

Pearl approved

Pearl approved

After breakfast and Pearl’s naptime we went to Bakken amusement park.

waffle house

waffle house

It had lots of rides and games, but the best part was that it was surrounded by a huge forest with lots of walking trails. We took one of the trails and walked for a while.

gettin our walk on

gettin our walk on

We spotted lots of deer.
DSC_0801  DSC_0783  DSC_0817

After the park we walked over to the beach!
The weather was so great, but the water was FREEEEZING!
It didn’t seem to faze Pearl though, she was really enjoying the water and splashing around.

walking to the beach

walking to the beach

eeeeeekkk, cute!

eeeeeekkk, cute!





We didn’t let her stay in the water too long because she was turning purple.
If the water was warmer, she would have stayed in all day!

On Sunday we had brunch at an awesome place called Luna’s Diner.
I got the vegetarian brunch. It was humongous!  Filled with all kinds of different fruit: kiwi, persimmon, pomegranate, dragon fruit, grapes, and every kind of berry. It also had quiche, hummus, salad, and corn fritters.

DSC_0871    DSC_0872

my brunch food

my brunch food

I split mine with Pearl. We both ate so much and barely even made a dent.
Seth got the “popeye” brunch. It was a plate filled with all things unhealthy and manly: eggs, sausage, bacon, french fries, and a caramel waffle.

Seth's food

Seth’s food

My food came with fresh fruit juice and hot tea, Seth’s came with beer and coffee.
It was awesome!
After our giant brunch we headed to the Copenhagen Children’s Festival. I had read about it in the paper and been planning on going for weeks.
It was fun, a little bit more lame than I had hoped…but it was free!
They had pony rides( which Pearl LOVED!) bunnies, face-painting, balloon animals, fire trucks, and a huge park/jungle gym area.









On our way back home we saw this guy and his bunny Jumper at our bus stop.


Family fun weekend success!

We are leaving for Poland tomorrow!  I am very excited. On Wednesday we are going to Auschwitz, which I can not wait for!  I am so anxious to get there and see everything there. So much history!
I have been checking the weather about 10 times a day. Right now there is a 40% chance of rain for Wednesday.
I am going to light some candles and say my deepest prayers for great weather that day. Join me if you like.

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One thought on “the beach and children’s festival

  1. Mike Raynor

    Magnificent (referring to the brunch!) – And also, the beach, pony rides, & upcoming trip. Our best wishes & prayers travel with you.


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