aahhh Germany. I have wanted to go there for years….and boom, now I can check it off of my bucket-list
While we were staying in Austria, we took advantage of the fact that Germany was just a short train ride away!
Our main plan of the day was to go to the top of Predigstuhl mountain.

After we got off the train we kind of had no idea where we were going, so we just walked around for a while and eventually ended up where we were supposed to be.
We took a death trap cable car to the top of the mountain. It was GORGEOUS.  Really just breath-taking/stunning/incredible!

view from our cable car

view from our cable car

riding the cable car

riding the cable car


When we got to the top we just kind of looked around saying “whoa…this is awesome!”
Seth walked to the VERY top (about 50 more feet) while me and Pearl walked around and she picked up rocks and flowers.
We couldn’t get over how beautiful it was.
We were hoping the peak of a mountain would give some mercy from the heat. Not so much. It was still insanely hot. Heat with a great view.











At the top of the mountain there is a cute little restaurant. They stay very busy because people are hiking and taking cable cars to the top of the mountain all the time.
It was very good German food with an incredible view!
I got kaspressknoedel, a cheese pressed dumpling in broth. Pearl helped me eat it, it was soo good!

my kaspressknoedel

my kaspressknoedel

Seth got wienerschnitzel with potatoes.

And we were in Germany so of course we got beer!
DSC_0408   DSC_0407

This bird kept trying to steal Pearl’s food

our view at lunch

our view at lunch

we tried so hard to get a GOOD family picture with the mountains in the background.
Not gonna happen.

Pearl is not happy

Pearl is not happy


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