ready to come home

Whelp, our time here in Copenhagen is coming to an end.
We leave here on Thursday around noon and travel to Toronto for a 6 hour layover (boo) and then off to Raleigh!  YAH!!!
I have already started to pack and am about half way done.

We have been staying busy, mainly with Pearl.
This past Friday she got a big boo-boo. We were heading out the door to pick up Benny (dog we are sitting) and she slammed her hand in the door.  It took some of the skin off of 3 of her fingers, and they started bleeding and swelling. We were terrified that they were broken, but thankfully they aren’t!
Last week when we were in Austria she got heat-rash. It doesn’t  really bother her, but it looks nasty.

We are just really ready to be home!  We miss our house and our animals….oh yeah and all of our family =)

This whole trip I have been telling Seth that when we get home he needs to treat me to a pedicure since we have been walking SOO much this trip. I don’t think he’s picking up on my hints. what a guy.

Yesterday was our last Sunday at our church here, International Church of Copenhagen. I made so many friends who really made our stay here more enjoyable.  Two of my friends from the church even let Pearl borrow toys and a snowsuit.    That church has been such a blessing to us.

There are several things/people/places we are really going to miss about Europe, but Raleigh is our home!

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