We have finally arrived safely in Copenhagen, Denmark!

We left Raleigh at 6pm and flew for about 8 hours over to London, had a 3 hour layover, then had a 2 hour flight from London to Copenhagen.
Our flight from Raleigh to London was rough. We weren’t expecting it to be fun or anything, but it was brutally rough. We flew American Airlines and the plane was SO small and gross.  Both times last year when we flew internationally the seats in front of us had a small tv screen and you could pick from a ton of movies/shows to watch.  That was so great to keep us distracted during the flight. But this flight just had like 3 screens hanging from the ceiling and they played 2 lame movies: “Saving Mr Banks” and “Hugo”.
Also the 2 people in front of me had their seats laid ALL the way back. The plane was so small I couldn’t even move my legs. Even Pearl was cramped, and she’s 2. Oh yeah and the guy in front of Seth kept blowing his nose and throwing his dirty tissues on the ground.
We could not have gotten off that plane soon enough!!!!!!

When we landed in London it was nice to walk around for a little bit and let Pearl get some energy out.  
Thankfully our next flight was perfect. Nice spacious seats, super friendly attendants, and for the ‘snack’ they served super delish panini’s. Oh British Airlines, you are wonderful!
Major proud mom-day when my wonderful toddler was pure perfection on the flights and in the airports!  Seriously she was perfect!

After finally landing in Copenhagen we were all giving each other high fives and saying “we’re here!!…..we made it!!”

Ahh, we made it.  It feels really nice. We are still totally in a blur from lack of sleep and so much chaos, but we are feeling good.

Sending LOTS of love to our family and friends back in NC and a special shout out to our moms/Granny/Nanner!!!  We love you!

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