we like weird

So yesterday marked our 3 weeks here in Copenhagen!
That’s a short time but we are feeling so at home. We are ALL settling in nicely.
We love our temporary apartment and would really enjoy staying here longer but it’s really far from Seth’s work. 
We have to be moved out by the middle of August and are on the hunt for somewhere to go. There are several apartments that we like, and we are hoping to narrow it down in the next week or two.

So Copenhagen is weird. It’s kind of hard to explain, but it’s just kind of weird.
Ok so the people here are very into being healthy and eating whole foods, but then like 70% of the people here smoke.
Danes are very earth friendly. Super into recycling, riding bikes instead of cars, and having parks everywhere…..but people litter ALL over the place. Just throw their trash anywhere. Also people (men) urinate in public all the time.  It’s not rare to be on a walk and just see a man peeing on a tree.
The people dress weird too.  I know we’re in Europe so the style is different, but people dress way too heavy for this weather.
So the weather has been REALLY nice, around 65 degrees, but it feels like 80 degrees. Something about the sun being stronger here or something, but people dress as if it’s 15 degrees outside!!!
Me and Seth are in shorts and t-shirts and the people around us are dressed in jeans, boots, sweaters, scarves, jackets.  IT’S CRAZY!
I’m like…..how are you not sweating or collapsing from heat?
Weird. Weird.  
Thankfully me and Seth like weird. So we fit in nicely here.

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One thought on “we like weird

  1. Mitch Pearl

    They probably think you are weird too. As for peeing outside I’m a fan, just that I hide and wouldn’t want to do that in public. I guess you need to be careful if you want to sit under a tree though. Have you ever asked anyone why they dress like that. Could it be that the winters are so cold they just have not thawed out yet. We miss you guys but do appreciate the blog. Love from not so weird Raleigh, Dad

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