Pearl turns 3

Pearl recently turned 3!!!  I was VERY sentimental this year because we are away from friends and family. So we made sure to go overboard with celebrations this year!
Her birthday was on Sunday August 31st and we planned on celebrating, opening presents, and eating cake all weekend.
On Friday we spent the day at the zoo!
Before we left we let Pearl open up a present.  Some shoes that she desperately needed.  She has outgrown 8 pairs of shoes in the past 4 months. She was down to one dirty pair of crocs.

We were afraid we wouldn’t be able to go to the zoo because it was supposed to rain all day, but thankfully we risked it and it only rained for a few minutes. We all love animals and we knew Pearl would enjoy seeing everything.
We kept seeing other children with their faces painted and Pearl was very insistent on getting hers painted too.
She sat very still and patient while a lady painted a butterfly all over her face. Pearl got to pick out the colors she wanted.
We now have paint stains all over the stroller, FYI.
The Copenhagen zoo is nice, not as nice as the Asheboro one….but nice enough.

On Saturday we had a little party for Pearl.  We invited her friend Diana, her family, and some friends from Seth’s work.
We had brunch food and got 2 small cakes from this incredible baker (City Baker) down the road.
We got chocolate cake and carrot cake. They were DELICIOUS!

Pearl and Diana ate cake, opened presents, played dress up, and destroyed her room. They giggled the whole time. Party success!

On Sunday it was Pearl’s actual birthday!!!!
I was so excited!!!!
For breakfast I made a yummy baked fruit french toast/bread pudding.  We put candles in and sang to Pearl.
ALL week we had planned to go on a boat tour around our town of Frederiksvaerk, maybe even pack a picnic.   Of course it POURED rain all day.  All of our backup plans were outdoor activities too.
We were left scratching our heads trying to come up with a fun thing to do that was indoors.  Thankfully I came across an indoor pool that was only about a mile up the road

We road our bikes there, swam and swam some more. Then had a very rainy and cold bike ride back home.  Pearl took a birthday nap.
Later that night we made homemade pizza, let Pearl open the rest of her presents, ate leftover cake, and sand Happy Birthday about 10 more times.

By Sunday night we were all birthday pooped!

















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2 thoughts on “Pearl turns 3

  1. Mitch Pearl

    Overall it sounds like Pearl had a terrific birthday. Oh that we all could enjoy them as much as she obviously did. Love the post and pics. Love you all and miss you. Dad

  2. Jennifer Raynor

    Now that is the way to celebrate a birthday!!!!!! Our precious one looks like she really enjoyed herself- all 3 days of it.
    Love to all of you dear Danes –miss you terribly. xoxoxo Nanner aka Mom

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