Pearl starts Børnehus

Pearl started school at the beginning of the month.  I was very hesitant to send her off to school, but it’s really great for her.
Her school (Frederiksværk Børnehus) is right down the road, only about a 5 minute walk or bike ride.
Her preschool is for ages 1-6, then they start real school.
We toured 3 different preschools in our area and this particular one was perfect for what Pearl needed.  They have an international program that is for children who don’t speak Danish.   Pearl is the only American there. All of the other children are from ALL over the world: Ukraine, Pakistan, and refugees from Syria.  It’s incredible to see so many nationalities surrounding my little Pearl.
Kids are funny though. Even though none of them speak the same language they all play together and can communicate so well.

Pearl’s teachers Miss Brith and Miss Annette are awesome.  They are so gentle and patient with Pearl and help her learn Danish in such fun ways.

Preschools are very good at easing children into the class.
The first 2 days I was with Pearl in her class the whole time, then slowly left for longer spans of time.   At the beginning of the week Pearl was crying wanting me to stay right by her side, but by the end of the week she was whining, fussing, and crying because she DID NOT want to leave!  She made great friends right away and had so much fun playing!

One of the great things about her school is they provide snack and lunch.
And all the food is fresh, homemade, and at least 80% is organic.

Class starts at 9am and they all sit around a table and eat fresh veggies, FRESH bread (cooked that morning), and homemade butter.
Then they have some learning time and play time. then it’s lunch time!
Pearl’s lunch on the first day was fish, remoulade, tomatoes, and chocolate pudding (made from potatoes).
Some of her other lunches were pumpkin and fish soup, porridge, meatballs with stewed cabbage.
I was in shock at how unusual and healthy the food was. It tasted really great too.
I met the school’s chef and she is a really great lady that takes great pride in cooking healthy foods.

We are really really happy with her school.

Pearl's school

Pearl’s school

part of her classroom

part of her classroom

different languages

different languages





turtle tank

turtle tank in the lobby

Pearl in front of her cubby

Pearl in front of her cubby on the FIRST day of school

second day of school

second day of school

third day of school

third day of school


she refused to open her eyes

4th day of school.  She refused to open her eyes for the picture

5th day of school

5th day of school


very rainy walk to school

very rainy walk to school

Pearl's lunch on her first day

Pearl’s lunch on her first day

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One thought on “Pearl starts Børnehus

  1. Jennifer Raynor

    I love the looks of the school and my dear little Pearl looks absolutley beautiful in each shot. I really love the one with her eyes closed.She will learn the language so quickly and will be helping you two.

    Love to all of you.

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