flying with a child

Pearl and I just got back from a nice 3 week visit to N.C. to visit family and friends!  It was great to be back in our home state, but I could have done without the heat.
We are now back in Denmark and missing family dearly…..but enjoying the 60 degree weather!

As we were flying over I got to thinking, Pearl has flown 28 times…..and she’s not even 4 years old!
I feel like we TOTALLY have the whole ‘flying with a child’ thing down. We are pros by now.
I thought I would share on how we have survived many many flights.

When Pearl was about 2 my sister gave her an adorable mini backpack for Christmas, this has been a life saver (thanks Aunt Kim).
I get out a few things to pack and I let Pearl pick out a few things, then I let her pack her backpack all by herself. Of course I secretly pack it more organized later when she’s not looking.

Here’s a list of what is packed:
-Books, usually 3-5 thin books so there is a selection but they don’t get too heavy
At Family Dollar, Michael’s, or Target you can get these thin hardback books for only $1 each. They are great for packing and I’m not too upset if it gets lost/left.
-Crayons and notepad: whether Pearl wants to draw endless swirly lines or we draw and name shapes, this is always a must have
-Favorite stuffed animal, currently Simba.  We usually pack a much smaller animal/baby but P couldn’t leave Simba home this time.
-A few small characters/figurines: Frozen dolls (duh), dinosaur, balance bird.
-Play Pack: you can find these at Michael’s or Target. They are a packet with a coloring book, stickers, and crayons….all in a zipper pouch, and I think they’re only $1
-Doctor kit, Pearl loves to ‘give check-ups’
-Tennis ball, probably the best thing to pack!  Anytime there is a layover longer than an hour Pearl wants to play some kind of game, so finding a quiet corner by our gate or a hallway is a great spot to sit down and roll a ball back and forth.  This past trip at 2 of our layovers Pearl made friends with other kids because she was the cool kid who had a tennis ball at an airport.



Packing snack:
I always pick up a few of the squeeze fruit pouches for traveling.  They are SO convenient and Pearl thinks they are a treat.
Any kind of individually wrapped snacks are great: granola bars, crackers, teddy grahams. Something that is easy and you can throw the packaging away.
I try to bring an empty water bottle to fill at the airport (after security of course).  It’s a lot cheaper than buying gift-shop water.


Anytime we are at the airport I let Pearl walk around as much as possible. If there is a row of empty chairs I will let her climb all over them. It’s much better to get some energy out before boarding the plane.
Also if there is a family with children (at the airport) We try to sit by them or just go up and ask “is it ok if our kids play together?” Usually the parents enthusiastically say YES!!!!!  We all want our children to be well behaved and have fun, so let them play together!
It’s so important to be comfortable when traveling!  Pearl’s go-to travel outfit: leggings, a cozy t-shirt, crocs
I usually have a back-up shirt or sweatshirt in my bag for her, just in case.
Pearl loves sitting by the window.
Poor kid, it’s impossible to get in a good position on the plane.


When we get to our gate I always ask the person working if there are any empty seats on the plane, if so I can usually switch it around so we have an extra seat and let Pearl actually lay down and take a nap. SCORE!

We kind of lucked out with Pearl, she LOVES to fly!  She gets so excited when we start packing our suitcases and head to the airport.  We always talk about all the different stops and layovers and places we are going. She likes to be kept up to date.

Traveling with a child: be well prepared, be extra patient, don’t get frustrated when everything is annoying, and be kind to the flight attendants!

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2 thoughts on “flying with a child

  1. mom

    great post, honey… very helpful!

  2. Jennifer Raynor

    Very well done! So many people could use this before they travel with kids. Of course, not everyone has a Pearl to travel with. Jennifer aka Nanner

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