I love reading other people’s birth stories and after 4 years I’m finally getting around to write mine!

It all started on Sunday August 28th, my due date!  Seth woke up around 5am to leave for work and I woke up with him, around 5:30 I noticed that I was having contractions.  I laid in bed for a while to see if it was real, then I got up and started to time them. They were varying between 8-15 mins apart.
This went on for about 3 hours, then at 8:30am I called Seth at work and said, “um Seth…I think I’m having contractions”
He immediately said, “OK I’M LEAVING NOW!”  I remember him telling me that I called at the right time because he was about to start a big project at work that he didn’t want to do, so I was his scapegoat.

Seth got home and we really kept track of my contractions. They were very consistent and we were getting excited.
I wanted to move things along so we decided to go on a hike.
We went to the Durant Road Nature Park and walked all around. The contractions were still consistent, nothing was really moving along.
FYI: we rescued a turtle on our way home.
After our hike we went to get some Mexican food, I was hoping something spicy would help, but like most wives-tales it didn’t work.

Later that night we just relaxed and took it easy. Throughout my pregnancy we never took any Lamaze classes or anything, so we watched a ton of videos about breathing and birthing on YouTube–the real educator.
Seth eventually went to sleep. I went to bed, but didn’t sleep a wink that night.  I kept looking at my phone to time my contractions to see if they were getting closer together. nope, still the same.
The next morning (Monday August 29th) when Seth woke up I told him that I had been having contractions all night. We decided to call the Dr and figure out what to do next. So we pack up our bags and made sure the car seat was installed.
At the Doctor’s office they examined me and I was only like 1cm dilated. Majorly disappointing!!! They sent us back home and said come back if the contractions get closer together. I remember crying because I was so upset.

After we got back I was in a funk, I couldn’t believe they sent us back home. I wanted this baby out. OUT. like now!
Seth was soo sweet to me though. He let me cry uncontrollably and drew a bath for me. I took 1 hot bath after another to try and help with some pain. But when you have a small tub, and you’re 9 months pregnant, even a hot bath is uncomfortable.
That night we decided to go on one last date.  We went to this awesome Korean BBQ place and stuffed our faces with weird/delicious food. All throughout dinner we would stop and time my contractions.

our last date night

our last date night

After dinner we stopped at Lowe’s food because I was craving Sarah Lee NY style cheesecake (don’t judge me).
I remember a lady who worked asked me my due date, after telling her it was yesterday she said “oh you ain’t gone have that baby for a while….you ain’t low enough!”
I quickly walked away with tears in my eyes and thought to myself “should I punch that lady in the throat?”
I was really hoping my water would break all over her floor so then I could just leave and yell at her “PEACE OUT I’M HAVING MY BABY!”
Instead I just got my cheesecake and left.

Tuesday August 30th:
After another sleepless night and contractions being every 8-14 mins or so, we called our doctor again. After some disappointing news of only being around 2-3 cm dilated….they at least said that I could go ahead and check into the hospital. I couldn’t wait.  My whole entire pregnancy I didn’t have any nerves about the labor part, I was just SOO excited about it….and the time was finally here.
We didn’t tell any of our family for a while because I kind of just wanted to be alone.  The only person that knew I about my days of contractions was my best friend Shawnie. I had been texting her non stop giving her updates.
We eventually called the family and said, “we’re at the hospital– but please don’t come!”
So in classic grandparent fashion they all showed up anyways.

I was dilated up to 5 cm and stayed that way for over 10 hours. I hadn’t slept in over 60 hours and was simply exhausted.
I got an epidural. I knew pushing was going to be insane, and my body needed some rest.

getting ready to start pushing

getting ready to start pushing

Wednesday August 31st:
At 4am I was FINALLY 10cm dilated and was ready to push.  I pushed for 2 hours 41 minutes and my sweet baby entered the world at 6:41am

That moment when they put my little girl on my chest……….sigh………..there is just no way to describe how incredible and perfect life is.
I couldn’t believe that she is here. SHE IS HERE!!!! I got to hold her and cry and kiss Seth and see him cry. Just thinking back on it gives me butterflies.  I passed her off to her Daddy,  so I could get my lady business taken care of.

that new Daddy glow!

that new Daddy glow!


When we got settled into our post-delivery room we called all the grandparents and told them the great news!
Seth called his parents and I called mine. I remember when my parents answered I was just so overwhelmed with emotion. One of the first things they asked was “what’s her name?”  Because Seth and I had kept it a secret the whole time.
I was finally able to tell them, but I got so choked up that I could barely even whisper “Pearl”.  They were ecstatic and bursting with joy.  I couldn’t wait to show them their new grand baby.

6:41 AM




Just imagine the biggest high or most extreme adrenaline rush. That is pretty much what giving birth was like.  I can’t say enough great things about the whole labor process. I absolutely loved it, yes even though it was crazy painful…… was just awesome.

We are SOO incredibly in love with our daughter. She has made us a family, and given us the greatest joy.


her going home outfit

her going home outfit

We love you sweet PEARL!!!

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One thought on “Birth-Day

  1. Judy Jones

    Great story Amy. Even though my 2 babies are almost 30 you will relive that experience many times over as I did. Happy Birthday to Pearl and the entire family. Judy Jones

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